Feast Day 2 started off with yet another bang! The Feast is the ultimate incubator for thinkers, do-ers and innovators in New York City. Now if only all brilliant feasters from around the world could have joined us… Oh wait, they did! Through their futuristic technology skills, Feast was able to connect the entire world all at once, and together, we discussed healthcare, learning and veterans. Throughout the day, we checked in with Feast communities in Nairobi, Berlin, Thailand, London and more.

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“Anything that’s great is truly the work of an ensemble” –SY/Partners. After hearing such a statement, we knew that it was going to be a good day full of groundbreaking change.  Inspiration poured through the Center548 when the Hackathon-ers took the floor. We kicked off with brilliant ‘makers’ such as VetMentor, Eat With Me, and Dream See Do who believe in the power of working together to solve issues such as child obesity, Veterans adjusting back into society, and Education. We were revved up in the makers lounge to start making something that does something. We split up into to teams to start building ideas, and then built upon those ideas with our teammates ideas. We then figured out ways on how to execute them. We were guided in three (1) hour parts:

  1. What could you do?
  2. What could you do together?
  3. How might you make it happen?

Keeping in mind the words of wisdom by Dream See Do Founders, “People could benefit from a peer community of people joining each other.”

Another exciting chapter of the conference was the UPS Connect media round table. We heard the first hand experience of Limor Fried, Engineer and Founder of AdaFruit, which is an online resource for making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. UPS Connect is the future for small businesses, social communities looking to solve complex issues, and dreamers alike, by offering the tools and resources to enable them to put their ideas into action. Limor is also taking the makers world by storm with the Make the World Google+  hangout, where engineers, artists, hackers and makers to come together to address challenges and solve them.

The Feast 2013 Conference proved to be above and beyond our expectations. The creativity was unparalleled; the speakers were nothing short of inspiration, and we took away the greatest thing of all: hope. The overall message we will carry from Feast 2013, is one that Conscious Magazine can stand behind: no matter who you are, where you  are, how educated you are… together, we can make groundbreaking change. Everyone stands unique in their own strengths, but they do not stand alone.

Feast likes to go out on top, with a big, fun, wild, dance party! The folks over at Decentralized Dance Party provided the tunes, and the 500+ entrepreneurs brought their best moves. The Feast set the bar, but that what’s they do. They make the unimaginable come to life, and they are really good at it.

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