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Another full year has passed, and here we are again looking Cupid straight in the eye. It’s almost the day when we’re meant to tell our loved ones, friends, families, pets – heck, even strangers on the street – how much we appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, but first we have to feel love.
We’ve all heard the sayings before: “You’ve gotta love yourself before you can love someone else,” “You’re your own best friend,” “Change begins with you,” etc. So, riddle me this: why does the word “selfish” creep into mind when we think about prioritizing our own needs and wellbeing?

In our society, it seems putting yourself first has become a bit of a Catch-22. It shouldn’t be.
While holding the purest and best of intentions, many of us find ourselves living lives of self-sacrifice and all too often, self-neglect. Well, it’s time to turn that frown upside-down! I believe that when people start taking care of themselves first, the strongest, most effective social movements and global changes become possible. It’s like a ripple effect – healthy people purchase safer products, which protects the environment and benefits everyone.

True love and true change starts with you.
Not in the Arctic Ocean, the Amazon rainforest, or the garment factories in China. Within you is the power to move mountains with simple choices, baby steps, and little gifts of love. Start by harnessing those best intentions for personal wellness. Physical fitness, outward appearance, and mental health are all extraordinarily important components to loving ourselves. But, in order to go for a run, look our best, or think clearly and positively, we have to create our strongest and healthiest internal selves. My suggestion?

Give yourself the gift of truly safe products.
Relieve your senses, skin, and entire being by using only toxin-free, all natural and organic products. After all, safe products heal and nourish the body while relaxing and easing the mind. Priceless.

This Valentine’s Day, think about showing yourself a little love and appreciation. Treat yourself to something special. Breathe deeply and take a listen to your own needs, wants and desires. For once, give yourself the highest priority. If you’re not worth it, nothing is.

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