Building meaningful connections is key to innovation and problem-solving.

In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic isolation, and as we prepare to journey back to “normalcy” and safely reopen our economy, we can use these next few weeks to learn about and practice the art of connection. Why? Because building meaningful connections is key to innovation and problem-solving.

Here are a few tips to creating the art of connection:

1. Transform your life by changing the way you think of yourself. Ask yourself, how do I feel about my self-worth? Take time to jot down positive affirmations and challenge yourself to improve areas of growth.

2. There’s no doubt the economy lockdown has ignited additional stress, agitation and, perhaps, less patience for others. What do we do? We rise above the idea of liking or disliking someone. Now is the time to distinguish between observation and evaluation.

3. Be less sensitive when it comes to judgment. As your skills improve or as you step out boldly with new projects, understand people usually judge from their point of view.

4. Throughout these stressful quarantine days, it’s easy to fall into the tendency to criticize or grumble; instead, adopt a positive attitude.

5. Be curious and eager to learn! When looking to experts and colleagues, show humility and gratitude as you reach for their insight.

6. Transcend fixations. Overthinking may be part of who you are, and these coronavirus days may increase spiraling thoughts. It’s easy to fall into an obsessive state. Direct that thought energy elsewhere

7. As we reopen the economy, begin thinking about how you will draw energizing people into your life. How amazing does that sound!

8. As soon as we hit the social scene, we may be excited to share away! If these times are a testament to change and resiliency, be the rare listener the world needs.

9. The days of lockdown have left many of us uncertain and afraid, now is the time to turn friction and fears into momentum.

10. Accept yourself. As you work on the art of connection, accept accountability for your ability to connect with others.

The connection starts with you. Set a shining example.

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