Travel is coming back (awesome!), and perhaps you’re ready for those awaited long-distance trips. Whether traveling by car, plane, or train, keeping a Daily Movement Library is essential. We talk about this in our last video with Dan Palacios. Watch it here.

For this edition, we’re putting a travel spin on it. Why?

When we travel long distances, we’re usually seated in a posture for an extended time, putting pressure against the organs, tissues, hips, spine, and even hands.

Also, any vacationing, recreation, and on-the-go eating are all things to consider while you travel for pleasure or business.

Dan Palacios, Performance Coach and Founder of Kinetic Training, will take you through 6 key areas providing tips and exercises to keep your body strong, flexible, and open so ultimately you can enjoy yourself.

Some of the key areas include:
  1. Supporting Posture
  2. Stretching
  3. Preparing Your Body
  4. Warming Up
  5. Maintaining Good Nutrition
  6. Continuing Good Hydration

Lastly, breathing techniques are also essential to keeping your central nervous system awakened and engaged. Check out our top breathing techniques by watching the video here.

Dan Palacios

Strength, Conditioning and Personal Performance coach and founder of Live Kinetically

Dan has 10 years of experience working with all manner of clients from elite athletes to young children and adults with special needs. With over 15,000 hours of time spent with real people who have faced unimaginable odds, Dan has come to understand human condition and it’s undeniable relation to biology as well as bio-mechanics. Dan’s goal is to guide and inspire people to redefine the meaning of health. To make humanity stronger and more resilient, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is his primary mission.

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