During the pandemic and after, Dan Palacios, Founder of Kinetic Training advocated for moving at least once per day, and now he’s here to show you 10 stretching techniques to add to your Digital Movement Library. You can do right at your seat at home, work, travel, wherever!

“What essentially creates your body’s sum total of bio mechanics is those different activities you partake in. Some are more frequent than others. Typically when we do a lot of repetitive movements our body will tend to strengthen and position itself according to those movement patterns.” – Dan Palacios

After you watch, check out another video by Performance Coach Dan on Present Mobilization.  Did you know your body is one big pressure-sensitive computer, and anytime it experiences a touch, your body identifies as a good touch, bad touch, or neutral? To help bring your body out of a state of stress, out of fight or flight mode, and into a more objective, more relaxed state, try these instrument assisted tissue mobilization techniques. Watch here.

Dan Palacios

Strength, Conditioning and Personal Performance coach and founder of Live Kinetically

Dan has 10 years of experience working with all manner of clients from elite athletes to young children and adults with special needs. With over 15,000 hours of time spent with real people who have faced unimaginable odds, Dan has come to understand human condition and it’s undeniable relation to biology as well as bio-mechanics. Dan’s goal is to guide and inspire people to redefine the meaning of health. To make humanity stronger and more resilient, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is his primary mission.

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