As we work together by staying apart, we’re seeing an unanticipated effect of physical distancing sweeping into this sphere.

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Across the globe, headlines focused on the COVID-19 pandemic dominate news headlines and have shown how difficult this situation has been for many of us. These next few weeks will be difficult for so many other Americans, some who received termination letters, some who have had their hours cut, others who may be facing difficulty with paying their bills, putting food on the table, or dealing with their current living situation. 

We are reminded through all these times, that it takes a collective effort filled with empathy and compassion to tackle these hardships. We’re seeing how individuals across the globe are finding creative ways to support their community, from 3D printing PPE equipment, supporting local restaurants, donating funds to local community members, and volunteering virtually by dedicating time and skillsets. 

As we work together by staying apart, we’re seeing an unanticipated effect of physical distancing sweeping into this sphere. Physical distancing can lead to an increase in loneliness. People who feel they are disconnected can see an impact on both their physical and mental health.

With technology at our fingertips, there are many ways we can ramp up our virtual communication efforts. These apps below can be mixed with our new routines and show how technology can keep us connected and help combat loneliness. 

Whatsapp, Facetime, (Insert your preferred group chat app)
Fall back in love with group chats. Ramp up communication efforts by not losing touch with friends and family. Call your friends, colleagues, relatives, and even neighbors to check in on how they are. A quick phone call can make all the difference in isolation. 

A voice-app that allows users to chat with other people around the world who are confined to their homes — without requiring the need for phone numbers. 

A free on-demand peer support app to counter the effects of loneliness. The service puts trained volunteers on standby, allowing app users to connect with an empathetic ear. The listeners are trained to understand what the social media user is experiencing at the moment. 

A social networking app intended to improve mental well-being and tackle loneliness. The app connects people with similar struggles and experiences together to support each other and share advice. 

A self-care app that’s helping make self-care a daily habit. This app brings a community together with daily support for anxiety and stress through daily meditations paired with motivational messages and self-care programs.

The next few weeks will still continue to be difficult. If we all make an effort to stay connected, we can make a big difference to people who are feeling alone at this time. 

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