A strong mindset is a trait shared by the world's most resilient humans, from high-performing professional athletes to special forces, and everything in between.

Photo by Chloe Boulos

Most people don’t recognize that they are creating their reality with their thoughts. If it’s true that our actions are the practical manifestations of our thoughts and that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life, then mindset work is not only necessary – it’s critical to our health and personal success. A strong mindset is a trait shared by the world’s most resilient humans, from high-performing professional athletes to special forces, and everything in between.

If you’re “stuck” in your relationships, your career, your physical health… I’m here to tell you you can bring about change in the way you think to create internal happiness and a sense of fulfillment in all that you do.

You can unleash purpose, power, and prosperity. You can develop an unstoppable mindset to live an unstoppable life. 

Your mindset comes from a set of beliefs inherited from your parents, learned from your environment, and shaped by your past. These beliefs influence how you see the world. This mindset, if it adheres to limiting beliefs, can stop you from achieving your goals and desires.

But there’s good news! Our brain is highly adaptive and has plasticity to fire and wire when we shift our thinking patterns. Your brain is not static; it’s continually changing. And what you feed it contributes to its growth or its inertia. So, how can you develop an unstoppable mindset to achieve success and fulfillment? 

01 | Challenge your limiting beliefs
As a Mindset Expert and Advanced PSYCH-K® Practitioner, I help people create the life they want by recoding and rewriting over the limiting and sabotaging beliefs in their subconscious minds that keep them stuck. How does it work? 

You first have to identify limiting beliefs and then challenge them. Once you’ve identified these beliefs, ask yourself if the belief is serving you and what might be a more helpful belief. Depending on the modality that you use, you can internalize new, empowering beliefs and transform your mindset completely. With new beliefs come new ways of looking at your business, your relationships, your self, and with that will come incredible new results. 

You can re-pattern your thoughts once you start to consistently feed your mind with the beliefs that will serve you versus those that sabotage you. When you master your mindset, you embrace gratitude and positivity, make healthy choices, which lead you to accomplish your goals. 

02 | Shift your mindset
Your brain is capable of rewiring in response to both negative and positive stimuli. When you shift your mindset, you begin to think more clearly, which means you’ll have an increased awareness of the habits you practice every day that are self-sabotaging.

Shifting your mindset helps you change your expectations and beliefs so you can take inspired action. You can walk away from negativity with complete transformation and complete clarity without carrying stress, anxiety, and limitation with you. Clarity creates confidence, and confidence creates competence, which means you can live in unity. With this foundation, you can attract what you want and feel worthy at the same time.

03 | Get a Coach
In almost every area of life, those who succeed are those who have great coaches helping them on their journey. Coaches help us stay focused and keep us accountable with our intentions. They serve us by pushing our minds and helping us identify what holds us back, deconstructing or “flipping the script,” and then recalibrating.

While you can find success on your own by deciding to change your life and take action, a coach can provide a strategy and a framework to help you achieve the next level. And when it comes to rewiring your brain, you can find comfort in knowing you don’t have to walk that difficult road alone. 

Your mindset and perception determine your mental and physical health. If you see yourself failing, that will become your reality. You can even create a neurobiological experience (good or bad). 

But if you choose to look on your life with hope and gratitude and put in the work to manifest positive action, you are well on your way to success. A person with an unstoppable mind is an unstoppable person!

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