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End Hunger. It’s a bold statement. It’s so bold, that sometimes it doesn’t even feel real. Because most of us live in an environment where food is inches within in reach, no matter the caliber, it’s hard to feel connected to the fact that there are so many individuals who really live with no option to eat, every day. It’s a farfetched reality, therefore, it’s nearly impossible to understand or perhaps even feel compassion for those who lead a lifestyle with nothing to eat.

To help give us a glimpse into the overwhelming situation, World Food Programme reports that nearly 795 million people in the world (about 1 in 9 people) do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life. What’s even more staggering is that 1 out of 6 children — roughly 100 million — in developing countries is underweight, and poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – 3.1 million children each year (WFP).

We’ve seen the evidence, we have the data, so what can we do about it? What can someone thousands of miles away from the problem actually do?

At CONSCIOUS, we love celebrating those who open the door for anyone to be part of the solution. FEED is building a community of individuals, much like you and myself, through their FEED Supper campaign to come together and offer hope to those who are in need.

FEED Supper is annual, month-long initiative to help end the global hunger crisis from 9/16-10/16. FEED is inviting individuals to host their own FEED Supper where each guest makes a donation to provide meals to children and families in need. The goal is to raise 2 million meals by World Food Day, 10/16. The more people who host and attend the suppers, the more we can accomplish together. FEED Founder, Lauren Bush Lauren, encourages all to participate: “Anyone can host a Feed Supper. All you have to do is sign up, set your individual fund-raising goal and invite your friends to donate in advance of your dinner. My favorite part is the digital tool kits we’ve created for hosts this year—they come with beautiful printables, playlists and recipes. We really do all the work for you, so you can just focus on having fun and making a difference with your community.” It’s that simple!

Additionally, every dollar raised will be given 100% directly to FEED’s giving partners, Feeding America and the World Food Programme. For the 2016 campaign, FEED will give the funds to the following nations: Mexico, India, Ghana, and the United States. You and your dinner guests can decide where your dollars raised can go to.

So far, during this campaign alone, the global dinner table has raised over 850K meals for children throughout the world. The campaign ends on October 16th, however, you can still continue to raise money, and be part of rewriting the hunger crisis story, because hunger is a solvable problem.

*photo courtesy of FEED Projects

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