30DaysNoMakeup_Articlephoto-1As millennials, we are the epic world changers, the believers in humanity, and the ones to shake up the status quo of modern culture. We are the voice of the future – and the future is bright. However, in order to provide whole products and start great movements, we must be whole people first.

Our best work occurs when we’re in sync with our inner truth and channeling that energy into our work. Every ounce of our creativity should be filtered through the ownership and acceptance of who we are. By doing that, our light shines through our work and our product.

This is where our story begins.

At the core of 30DaysNoMakeup you will find a quest for peeling back the many layers (physical and metaphysical) that cloud our connection to our true identity.  Sure, this particular idea points to ‘sacrificing’ cosmetics specifically but it’s so much more than makeup in actuality.  It’s about creating intentional space for an internal shift. It’s an invitation to enhance a connection to oneself.

Living in a day and age where appearances are placed on pedestals and the number of ‘likes’ on our newest selfie rewards us with a surge of temporarily happy neurological chemicals, perhaps we are losing touch with the very thing that makes us, in fact, world changers. It starts with the relationship with self.

As the founders of this movement, we are passionaries for raw, open, honest, messy, real conversations about self-esteem, self-love, the felt need to posture for others, and the false idea of perfectionism. We ask the question, “What if we cared more about what WE think about ourselves?”

This is not just a female conversation; this is a deeply human conversation. 30DaysNoMakeup only touches on one simple/complicated aspect of a cultural addiction to appearances.  It is an ongoing campaign for women who desire to bravely bare their face, and their heart, to the world for one month, and to document the inner transformation through the process. The stories we’ve received from participants since we launched this crazy adventure have been heartfelt and powerful.

Psst. It’s not just for women… we’ve had men show their alliance and support by shaving their prized facial hair for a month, which was a big statement for those who opted into it as a true sacrifice.

No matter your gender or sexuality, no matter your background or experience, it is paramount that we each ask ourselves these questions:

What are you doing to touch the conversations of humanity?

What does your life emulate from the inside out? Where are you on the evolution of self-love? How does that inform your work/product?

And maybe, just maybe, try making some sort of specific, intentional change for 30 straight days and see what comes out of it for you. You are the gift you bring and your story matters so much.

Photo: Athena Grace

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