Photo by Ed Gregory

We find ourselves in a world that has learned to look for love externally. From a young age, we yearn for the attention of our mother and father in hopes of achieving the desired outcome. As we reach adolescence, we work through the identification of self, testing boundaries, and barriers.

When we grow up, we look for love in a partner. We look for love from society, in hopes that we are successful and appreciated. And as this craving for love intensifies, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of dissatisfaction. Entering a growing age of divorce, consumerism, and emotional disorders.

As we look at the world, we ask ourselves “Where did the love go?” But perhaps the love never left. Like the old city of Atlantis is was rather flooded, sunk to the depths of the ocean, available to those willing to swim deep enough to find it.

So the treasure is real and very available to all who wish to find it. So the next time you find yourself at a loss, at a predicament or a painful defeat—I ask you this, where is the love? Where can the love take you? How far down do you have to swim in yourself to realize that the only love you need is that within your heart? That the only approval you’ll ever need—is that of your heart.

When you learn to open your heart, you open the world. When you realize you have love, then you no longer seek it. And when you no longer seek it, you stop chasing and it stops running. And radically love becomes a magnetic resonance that wants you. So as nature dances, mother earth energetically sings, and your heart opens, only then will you experience a passionate love of life that will never fade. For its eternal nature cannot be lost, but only found.

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