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Who am I? That took me a while to figure out. Starting my ego driven career in Western Medicine I lived by the philosophy "I can have it all." But at the shutters of reality began to open, I started to see there was more. With a moral dilemma I left medical school and started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. But I still didn't love it. But why? As I dug deeper into myself I began my self healing journey. I wrote and published my first book The Miracle Mind: the power of self-healing. I opened my heart and began a journey of discernment and love. Now I look forward to sound healing school and whatever feels right. No plan, just love.
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Thoughts About The Importance Of Self-Love
2 years ago

Thoughts About The Importance Of Self-Love

We find ourselves in a world that has learned to look for love externally. From a young age, we yearn for the attention of our mother and father in hopes …
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