Without ideas (and a bit of initial intent), change wouldn’t happen. What is new would become old. Imagine if someone did not have the idea that change was needed after the invention of dial up internet. This article (despite its brevity) would still be loading. Without ideas, almost everything would develop more slowly, creativity would stall and innovation would wither up.

Big or small, in January, most of us have an increased number of ideas as the new year brings about new challenges and new opportunities. Some of these ideas will turn into actions and some (perhaps more) will not, especially when it relates to a renewed passion for a 6am run in winter. For those ideas that do lead into something, the possibilities are endless no matter how big or small and are all the more rewarding when you see an idea turn into a reality. It doesn’t need to be anywhere near as big and world changing as the Internet but it’s these little ideas that create, drive and empower people to change, develop and improve. We had an idea over 3 years ago at Elephant Branded and whilst there is a very long way to go, it is slowly becoming a reality.

Who knows what will happen in 2015 but for those of you with ideas, maybe this is the year that they should be met with actions. After all, what’s actually stopping you?

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