Listen in as we uncover the role of a care citizen and address corporate social responsibility efforts.

In this episode from Conscious Conversations titled “The Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative,” Nora Gherbi, Founder of Who Cares!? Chronicles joins Priyanka Jaisinghani, Managing Director of Conscious Magazine for a discussion on the role of a care citizen and the Who Cares!? Chronicles initiative, which aims to promote and provide insight into everything related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Nora also introduces the Forward Momentum report, which is designed to spawn a rich conversation while refining the vision and principles of doing business in each respective local context. Forward Momentum is a playbook of observations and suggestions, including perspectives and insights from all over the world. This report aims to create a blueprint for the practical application of this new era in all emerging sectors and cultures going forward. You can access the Forward Momentum report by downloading here.

At Conscious, we believe the future isn’t just a place you will go; it’s a place you will invent. As part of our newly launched conversation series, we talk with thought leaders on how to strengthen your impact conversation by diving into topics surrounding life, business, social good, leadership, and wellness.

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