Created by the team behind Who Cares Chronicles, a platform that provides insights into Corporate Social Responsibility, the Forward Momentum report is designed to spawn a rich conversation while refining the vision and principles of doing business in each respective local context. Forward Momentum is a playbook of observations and suggestions, including perspectives and insights from all over the world. This report aims to create a blueprint for the practical application of this new era in all emerging sectors and cultures going forward.

“The idea of recovery has been precious to me since we first learned of the pandemic crisis. As we saw the destruction fall upon communities worldwide, I was brought to my knees, praying for healing. When I learned of the Forward Momentum report and its guiding principles for conscious leadership and taking big steps for global recovery, I couldn’t wait to share with the Conscious community. Forward Momentum is the kind of insightful reading to lend your attention to. It makes you want to turn the news off and do something great.” —Rachael Baxter, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief at Conscious Magazine

Beyond this report, Team Who Cares Chronicles will host an audio and video series, and are looking for experts, economists, start-up leaders, venture capitalists, academia, female entrepreneurs, mental health specialists, and forward thinkers.

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