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We are all born with this innate hunger for passion and success. Our ability to be doers, creators, innovators and visionaries come from an instinctive characteristic, which is best described as determination and a hustler’s spirit. I believe every entrepreneur carries this trait. And with an attitude for achievement and the willpower to succeed, often times the load that a self-starter has to carry can serve as a hindrance to professional growth, or may sharpen his or her spine to bear the weight of responsibility and grant fortitude.

Often times though, I see the spirit of determination starting off as perseverance by any means necessary. We know the phrase “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” and this mantra drives us to believing that in order to excel there is no room for downtime or taking days off. Entrepreneurship is a world of constant doing and little resting, we fail to realize how vulnerable we are to rejection and if self-care is not incorporated into our strategy for success, then what once felt like determination will soon begin to feel like depression.

So how do we maintain a healthy lifestyle while focusing on a career and seeking business opportunity?

Be Intentional About How You Practice Self-Care
Show yourself love, grace, peace and patience through every phase of your journey. If you are not exhibiting warm energy towards yourself, a spirit of gratitude and a heart of thankfulness, you will be easily swayed by the negativity, failure and rejection that every entrepreneur will have to face. For some, a healthy lifestyle means journaling, exercising, or developing conscious choices around food intake, but ultimately, what truly matters is how you perceive yourself, and how you nourish your mind and body through positive affirmation and words of encouragement over your life. Being determined is not a deficiency, and that skill and desire that you have should also be a factor in how you stay spiritually fed, and fully awake to what is orbiting around you, which will also benefit your creative senses.

How Can You Recognize When Your Determination Is Leading You Down A Path Towards Depression?
You may become so hell-bent on your achievements that you may fail to recognize when you are developing depressive symptoms such as isolation, fatigue and lack of energy, irritability and restlessness, difficulty concentrating, digestive problems, persistent feelings of sadness, guilt, fear and panic, and most importantly suicidal thoughts or attempts at suicide. If you are experiencing any of these mood changes, it is important to recognize the stressors you may be enduring and it may be to time to consider a lifestyle change and seek professional help.

Embrace The Journey And Accept Your Weaknesses
No one is exempt from failure or mishap. Whether you are trying to start a blog, open a firm, start a restaurant or become a missionary, you will be exposed to countless struggle, disappointment, and you may even face some setbacks that will result in frustration and even confusion as you journey. Being exposed to downfalls doesn’t mean that you lack the skills or tenacity needed to succeed in life; it simply means that you are trying; and be content with that. Continue to rise even after you have fallen, but in the midst of your journey remember to take care of your spirit, your determination to be better shouldn’t solely be about worldly accolades, but it should be about rewarding your spirit and embracing the voyage through life.

Find peace along the way.

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