For many, Saturdays offer an additional hour, or two, of morning repose. Enveloped in bed linen within the comfort of our homes, we enjoy the quiet moments when soft sunlight finds its way into the bedroom. Saturday is all the more friendly and inviting than its precedent Friday, encouraging homemade breakfast and home-based interactions with family and friends.

Yes, for me, Saturdays have been rather friendly and inviting, but it’s thanks to Jake, Rachel and Everly, The McDonalds, who have gathered neighbors and the Greater Phoenix community for meaningful meals at their home. So, while some bask in the simple delight of the unscheduled dawn, I look forward to the early hours of the day for coffee and conversation.

The McDonalds live a short distance from the grand architecture of Downtown Phoenix in olde Encanto District, where palm trees stand in the place of picket fences. On select Saturdays, you’ll find a sandwich board on the lawn with a handwritten message, “Everyone is welcome, come on back!” and an arrow pointing in direction towards the backyard. This faith-based family proudly brews for all, under the title, Adopted Coffee.

Hospitality at Adopted Coffee has included milk by Danzeisen Dairy, buttermilk and gluten-free biscuits by Rise Biscuit Company, and hearty breakfast burritos, local English muffin sandwiches and omelets by food and beverage authority Adam Reeder. Holy Schmidt’s slightly sweet Kenya Kayu and Peixoto’s familiar and friendly single-origin Guatemalan coffee are served perfectly as lattes, cortados, affogatos and more for guests.

Jake is a Director of Sales and Development for a string of craft coffee shops, his wife, Rachel, is an avid coffee drinker, and their daughter? Well, she’s the inspiration behind it all. You see, Adopted Coffee was founded as a means to fundraise for adoption. Jake prepares everything from cappuccinos to cold brew and guests are free to pay what they want. The honor system at Adopted Coffee has revealed a compassionate community rallied for a common cause. “What I love most about going to an Adopted Coffee event is seeing all the people – family, friends, acquaintances, strangers – genuinely wanting to help Jake and Rachel bring this baby home,” affirmed Monica Mazur, a Phoenix-based graphic designer who regularly visits alongside friends to support the cause. Having uniquely contributed as the lead designer of the Adopted Coffee logo alongside Monomyth Studio, Mazur is an exceptional example of what makes the city of Phoenix a community by her endorsement, participation and friendly invitation extended to others.

If you live in the Greater Phoenix area, I extend an invitation to you, your family and friends to join the McDonald family and me on select Saturdays for fellowship and contribution to social good. If you can’t join us, please feel free to support the McDonald adoption online at

We have come a long way since March 14th. We have made a lot of friends, been supported by some incredible people and businesses, built community, learned more about adoption and raised funds to assist in soon bringing home our son/daughter. You are all a blessing to us. Help us continue to grow by sharing with your family and friends. -A message from Jake McDonald

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Photos by Dreylon Vang