For the last five years of my life I have made it a habit to commit myself to the power of positive thinking as a tool to combat my depression and anxiety. When I rise in the morning, the very first obligation I have is to pray and meditate. Being part of the digital world can take its toll on a person, and I find it healthy to sometimes unplug and disengage from emails and social media during the rise of the morning. It is important to get in tune with yourself before you start to invest your energies elsewhere, so I dedicate my time to the universe and I use the gift of my tongue to speak healing over my life.

When dealing with depression I have noticed that I have a habit of belittling myself and speaking negatively towards the reflection that stands before me in the mirror. As I journeyed I became aware that our words are powerful and what we speak over ourselves shall become one with our existence. Whether you may struggle with depression or not, the power in having a healthy mind and there is healing in positive self-talk.

So I share with you 10 affirmations that I choose to declare over my life. You can meditate on these words as your soul works on comprehending its meaning and as you speak these words you will become fluent with the language of love and self-care.

  1. I am enough—I will not alter myself or chip away pieces of me to aid the comfort of others. I will unapologetically live fiercely and freely as the individual that I am.
  2. I am worthy—It does not matter how dirty my past is, how many mistakes I’ve made or how many errors I’ve tallied up in life. My life is deserving of its best chance and I will continue my walk unashamed of my humanness.
  3. I will look in the mirror today and be in love with my reflection as I chant “I love you, you are a marvelous and fearfully made creation”
  4. My body is beautiful—It is my home and my resting place. I will admire and adore every curve, the color of my flesh and every single flaw that nestles upon it. My imperfections are what make me imperfectly beautiful.
  5. My talents are endless—I will appreciate my gifts and honor them by utilizing my talents daily.
  6. I will forgive myself—there is no amount of guilt, regret, shame or remorse powerful enough to resolve my past, only forgiveness can do that.
  7. Happiness is a choice—and today I will choose to be happy.
  8. Feelings are not facts—I will not allow how I feel to dictate my decision-making.
  9. I am full of good vibrations and high confidence.
  10. I am full of light, I will share it with others and I will not keep myself hidden in the world.

Pace yourself and be easy on yourself as you navigate through your journey. You can speak the above affirmations or create your own list of positive words that promote healthy self-talk. Be unafraid of hearing your voice ring loud—you are allowed to heal, one word at a time.

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