Amie Retzlaff Photography for NJ Yoga Collective

Live limitless. Bend the borders. Break the boundaries. 

With a powerful mission behind Apeiron, their ideology is that ridding yourself of all limitations brings about a whole new sense of awareness, both in the world and within yourself. And, with the face of the modern-day yogi changing, with people of all different ages, genders, sizes, backgrounds and walks of life finding their place in the yoga community, they created inclusive line of yoga mats and accessories aims to reflect this diversity, with artistic designs exuding as much flair and individuality as the person using them.

Apeiron Yoga is excited to announce the release of their brand new spring/summer yoga mat line, the Cosmic Journey Collection. This galactic and celestial-inspired collection includes eight new designs.

For a limited time only, the spring/summer line will be available for preorder at 40% with code: CONSCIOUS.

“We’re currently gearing up for the launch of our highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2018 line, the Cosmic Journey Collection,” says Apeiron Founder,  Adam Binder. “Over the past few months our team has really kicked it into high gear creating what we feel are our best mat designs to date. The feedback and overwhelming support we’ve received following our debut line has inspired us to really live up to our ‘limitless’ namesake. We’re getting bolder, taking bigger risks and challenging ourselves creatively in ways we’ve never tried before. We’ve been sharing sneak peeks of our new mat designs on social media, and the positive response we’ve gotten has made us even more excited to finally unveil the full collection!”

Apeiron yoga mats are slip-proof, eco-friendly and creatively designed in order to be the perfect combination of form, function and flair. They are 100% biodegradable with no harmful phthalates or chemicals, made of natural tree rubber and vegan suede fabric, and printed with water based inks to ensure an odorless, non-toxic, beautiful design that will not fade. Apeiron yoga mats provide even more grip and stability as you sweat, making them the ideal choice for hot yoga or any sweaty practice.

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Exclusive Promo Code (for 40% off): CONSCIOUS