You can choose to stay exactly where you are or strike out boldly on another different path.

It begins with a shift. A mindset shift.

What a year it’s been. The seemingly endless challenge, yet tremendous personal growth and transformation. Me? I spent four months quarantined in my bedroom, and while having all that time to reflect on what matters and what doesn’t, I discovered something pretty amazing; I found that I could shift my thinking at any given time. 

I now look at my brain as my hard drive, my thoughts as my software, and any digital device can update our programming at will.

It starts with a shift, a shift in attitude. You can choose to stay exactly where you are or strike out boldly on another different path. Not an easy task, but possible. I had four months, and in that time, I made a choice. I resisted it and battled what I call an internal ontological obstruction; l became very present to the feelings accompanying that transient change. 

It was a deeply personal struggle that left me exhausted and depressed, but I knew that if I did not change, it would be a crucible—a life-altering event that would establish who I was to be in the future. I upgraded my thinking. I rebooted my mental soft drive. I shifted my internal dialogue and suddenly began to see my present life for what it is rather than what I think it is—a colossal shift of attitude.

I’m asking you to create a mantra. Here’s mine:

This was my past, and it’s over. I am creating a new future and a new beginning.

Sit still. Become quiet, and take a step back to reflect on what you need and what you will do to move forward. Have an internal conversation about what’s next. Put it down on your calendar to have your future live somewhere other than your head, hitting these milestones religiously and staying committed—even when it hurts.

We all know life is constant change. And it is the interpretation you give each situation that will alter the way you interact with the circumstances surrounding you. In short, life is yours to make what you will. Be gentle with yourself but be courageous. It’s doable—I’m still here.

Shift smart. Shift courageously.

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