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Maria Caso changes lives. A compelling motivational speaker, life coach and leadership advisor to CEOs, business executives and entrepreneurs, Maria coaches everyone from leading executives to venture capitalists to creative leaders to recovering addicts, focusing on emotional intelligence and personal power masterfully guiding them to redefine how they approach and experience life. Through her transformational dialogues aimed at discovering each person’s goals, and the specific skills and mechanisms they individually need to achieve them, conversations Maria Caso, PCC, guarantees experiential results. Maria is certified by the International Coaching Federation, is a certified grief recovery specialist, a Regional Area Volunteer for the Hazelden Betty Ford Center. Maria is a co founder of The Cuban Artists Fund and sits on the advisory board to the Copperbridge Foundation. Maria is also Conscious+ Coach guiding our members toward their created future.
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The Certainty of Uncertainty
1 month ago

The Certainty of Uncertainty

This year, who hasn’t been touched by uncertainty? As I contemplate the last few months, inside the solitude of my apartment, it becomes evident to me that the one thing you …
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