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Genevieve is from Newton, MA and has lived in San Francisco, CA and most recently Davis, CA since 2005. Being raised in an environmentally conscious household primed Genevieve for a lifetime of awareness and care for the natural world. In recent years she has become increasingly concerned about the growing number of issues facing our environment, particularly marine conservation. It began as a "plastic awakening" regarding society's overuse of single-use plastics. Upon researching the life cycle of plastics, she was overwhelmed to learn that much of it ends up in our waterways and eventually our oceans. Extremely motivated to be a part of the solution she changed her ways dramatically by refusing all things plastic, involved herself with ocean minded groups, and has now devoted her career to the matter. After finishing her first year of veterinary school, in pursuit of a life-long dream to advocate for animal welfare, she started working on plastic pollution policy with Californians Against Waste. In the past, she has cleaned up various events with Green Mary and sailed across the North Atlantic Ocean studying microplastic pollution with 5 Gyres, so has seen first-hand just how pervasive plastic pollution is and feels that the issue affects all living things She loves animals, nature, music, good food, friends, traveling, and community. Her daily mantra is for all beings everywhere to be happy, healthy and free.
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Why Plastic Microbeads Have Been Banned In California
9 years ago

Why Plastic Microbeads Have Been Banned In California

Plastic microbeads added to facial scrubs, body washes and toothpastes as exfoliants are a major form of microplastic pollution, and have recently been banned in California! Victory in passing the …
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