Whether you have plans for a day trip, the beach, camping, or flying further from home, we want to recommend ways to be a more thoughtful or conscious traveler this summer.

Photo by Natallia H

Summers are for adventure and travel. For the reminiscences of youth and the reminder that age is just a number and wonder, discovery is for us all. With the world slowly opening back up and local restrictions lifting, more and more people are getting out to travel and explore. Whether you have plans for a day trip, the beach, camping, or flying further from home, we want to recommend ways to be a more thoughtful or conscious traveler this summer. There are numerous social impact travel platforms available. Below we’ve listed just a few of the companies seeking to change the world through travel.  

01 | Kind Travel
Kind Travel’s mission is to impact the communities positively you visit when you book a hotel through kind hotels. They are the first to be a socially conscious give and get hotel booking and media platform. You choose your destination and hotel and select the charity in the community where you want your donation to go to and get exclusive rates on hotels and explore how to travel kindly.   

02 | Earth Changers
If you want to combine adventure and conservation, look no further than Earth Changers, an eco-travel booking platform that brings together transformative tourism. Learn more about their destinations all over the world and their impact in each location.  

03 | Kinder
If you are looking for more than just eco-friendly tours and hotels to support during your travels, Kinder cuts to the chase. This eco-conscious platform brings together the best humane, eco-friendly cafes, bars, restaurants, and hotels across Europe and the US. Some of their many offerings include holistic retreats and coffee shops that only hire refugees. Eco. Organic. Fair and Direct Trade. Fair Labor. Energy Conservation. Waste Management. Sustainable Seafood. Humanely Raised Meat. Local Purveyors. Purpose-driven. These are just a few of the many values of their partnering businesses.  

04 | Adventure Alternative
Adventure alternative is a responsible adventure travel tour operator based out of Ireland but takes adventurous souls worldwide. They also partner with fair trade volunteering, which runs volunteering trips around the globe and makes sure community projects undertaken are needed and valuable.  

05 | For the Love of Travel
For the love of travel is designed for sole jet setters. Their motto is all about slowing down and embracing slow travel, especially for hustling millennials, entrepreneurs, and creatives. FTLO partners with Plant With Purpose to plant ten trees to offset travel’s carbon footprint for every person who joins a trip. 

Whether you want to book a stay through a conscious booking site, combine altruism with travel, or volunteer and visit a community on the other side of the world as a consumer, you get to vote for the world you want with each dollar that you spend. We love that travel can not only expand your understanding of the people, cultures, and world around you but that it can also be an opportunity to support companies that value people and operate with a higher level of transparency and social responsibility. Where will you go this summer? 

If you use one of our recommendations to be a more conscious traveler this summer, we’d love to see it! Use the tag #consciousmagtravels and tag our account @cmagazine, and we’ll share our favorites! 

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