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New year, new resolutions. We all know it too well, we start the year feeling on top of the world, we feel determined to start that diet, write that book, exercise, learn a foreign language, yet three weeks into the year and the motivation starts to fade away, maybe until next year.

There is always help at hand. Building the confidence and the stamina to achieve your goals is easier when you practice these three habits that guarantee, if not the achievement of your goal, which is more likely, higher levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Start your day and end your day by journaling about what you feel grateful for. Gratitude is the doorway to prosperity, is the key to raising your vibration and your consciousness to a level where you feel in flow with the Universe, hence what you feel grateful for becomes magnified and you receive more of it. If the new year resolution is, for example, to have a new job because you are unhappy in your current one, start by feeling the gratitude for the job you have, for the friends you made, for the people you served, for the abundance that it gave you. Feel the gratitude for what you have right now, and as you start to manifest your new job, which will be more aligned with your current desires, the appreciation for your current job will pave the way, smoothly and gracefully towards the new one.

Being mindful is living in conscious awareness of your surroundings, of what is happening around you and inside of you. When you build the habit of checking in what sensations are happening in your body, what thoughts you are having and observe them as they occur, what emotions you are experiencing without falling for and reacting to them, when you live your life mindful like that, you will experience life as spirit, not being identified with your body, mind or emotions, you will see them as part of you, of who you are. Then you start living in the flow, from your heart, your intuition will increase. If your new year resolution is to have this new job and you are feeling frustrated with the current one, feel the frustration, notice where it lies, notice how it makes you feel and feel the frustration, breath through it, feel gratitude for the feeling and the emotions that are emerging and know, through your breathing, that all will be ok. Acknowledging and noticing what happens within you will allow you to flow and not react to the circumstances, making it easier to make mindful decisions and hence obtain greater results.

Many people live in a victim mindset where they blame their circumstances instead of taking full-on responsibility for whatever happens to them. It is true that sometimes we cannot control what happens around us, but more often than not, we can still take responsibility instead of giving our power away to external circumstances. When assuming responsibility, you keep your power, and hence you are in charge of what happens to you. This gives you peace of mind and helps you develop a growth mindset. Continuing with our example, if you want a new job in the new year and nothing is happening with the job applications, stop pointing fingers to others and do something about it: how can you change your Cover Letter? Who can you call? What other skills can you learn? What other things can you do to get the job you want? Be proactive instead of reactive and keep going.

Keep a record of your successes, track how many times you have been grateful, how many times you have been mindful and keep noticing your results as the year goes by. If you stick to Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Responsibility, your goals will turn into reality in 2019.

Best Wishes for a Successful Year Ahead!

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