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Many of the same chemicals and toxins we fear are also concerns for our beloved pets. Pet cancer rates are high and many believe it’s due in large part to environmental toxins in their food, toys, grooming products, and overall environment.

The message has been delivered and received by pet parents everywhere, as the organic pet industry has experienced continuous growth over the past five years and exists as a $53 billion dollar industry today. That’s huge!

The organic pet product industry got its major boost around 2007 in the wake of the contaminated dog food nightmare. Around 4,000 pet owners claimed their pets died after eating food made with a Chinese wheat gluten additive used to make protein content appear to be higher than it was.

Equally angering as it was saddening, the 2007 tragedy spurred the greatest surge in the industry to date. That’s quite a powerful statement about pet owners’ allegiance to their furry friends. While organic pet foods and products (shampoos, toys, etc.) have long been considered luxury items, revenues have been projected to increase 40 percent this year alone. Why the boom you ask?

While it may not come as a surprise, industry leaders are beginning to realize that people are willing to do just about anything they can to keep their pets happy and healthy. For instance, here are some actions steps many owners are taking to curb cancer risk and focus on prevention:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Keep paws clean and healthy
  3. Reduce calories and maintain a healthy weight
  4. Feed whole foods, not processed foods
  5. Feed an anti-inflammatory diet
  6. Remove plastic and heavy metals from their toys and products
  7. Avoid unnecessary vaccinations
  8. Reduce exposure to daily toxins including:- Pesticide chemicals like flea and tick preventions
    – Lawn chemicals such as weed killers, herbicides, pest poisons, etc.
    – Tobacco smoke
    – Household cleaners such as detergents, soaps, cleansers, dryer sheets, bleaches, room deodorizers, anti-bacterial agents, etc.
    – Make your home pet proofed and/or establish “pet safe” rooms in your home

Even if you’re not one to follow the herd, treating your pet as the precious family member they are is one trend you’ll want to get involved in.

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