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MTV’s Video Music Awards 2013 happened last night at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Conscious caught all of the VMA  highlights like the Cyrus / Thicke performance and followed the conversation on Twitter. Something just didn’t sit right with us. Our founders weigh in:

Rachael Baxter, Editor-in-Chief
“I was shocked to learn that the artists were singing / rapping about molly and cocaine (molly is a term for ecstasy).  I truly don’t understand how artists, who are beyond blessed with an enormous platform to do good, can glorify drugs that only destroy people’s lives. Some may argue, it’s their freedom of expression. Actually, I don’t think so. I think it is a need for attention and one artist trying to out number the other. After watching the performance, all I could think of was what kind of message are they trying to send the world? It was obvious, an overtly sexualized one. The question I ask is where does this get you, a ticket to fame? Is this what matters? I look forward to seeing a different kind of generation rise where truth, goodness, and integrity outshine all that we witnessed at the VMAs. I am hopeful.”

Elena Baxter, Web Editor
“Gone are the days of the Sinatra’s and Garland’s. And at what cost? One’s dignity? Please do not label it as art or self expression. It’s not beautiful. It’s not clever. But it is cheap. Anyone can subject themselves to profane jesters and sing off-key. Real talent can be found in the form of a genuine smile, humble heart, and beautiful song. This will move a soul to feel good and pleased.”

We know our Conscious community and readers have a few things to say too. Share your thoughts below.