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“I am no longer scrambling to provide for my family. I am proud to be a business-woman, farmer, and mother.” – Monika, a Farmer in Kenya of The Adventure Project

Entrepreneurship. When we first hear this word, we often think of start-ups run from couches in cramped apartments with coffee cups tossed all over the floor. We often don’t think of farmers or health care workers. And, we even less often think of it when it comes to people living in extreme poverty.

That’s the approach The Adventure Project is taking to end extreme poverty. The Adventure Project is a female-founded nonprofit revolutionizing charity by empowering entrepreneurs in developing countries. Why? Because empowering people living in extreme poverty to earn a living is the fastest way to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. The Adventure Project provides moms and dads with tools, resources, and education to become successful entrepreneurs.

Why Entrepreneurship?
The Adventure Project started with the firm knowledge that what people all over the world—from skyscrapers in Dubai to villages in Kenya—want is a good job. Not a handout.

When moms and dads have jobs, their families thrive, and communities flourish. They’re able to buy nutritious food, send their children to school, and help their communities grow. They empower with a sustainable solution, not a short-term solution.


Entrepreneurial Solutions To End Extreme Poverty
Focusing on the world’s greatest issues affecting people in poverty—the environment, health, hunger, and water—The Adventure Project only creates jobs that have a social impact in local communities.

For example, to tackle deforestation and carbon emissions hurting the environment, they train people in Kenya to make and sell stoves. It’s shocking, but over 3 billion people around the world still eat food cooked over open fires every day. Cooking over open fires is one of the world’s biggest—but least known—killers of women and children (four million people die each year from breathing in toxic cooking smoke). Charcoal-efficient stoves save lives, as women and children breathe in less toxic smoke.

This season, they’re selling organic charcoal soap to empower stove entrepreneurs. For every charcoal soap, you purchase for $20, one woman in Kenya receives a new charcoal-efficient stove. Transform lives here.

Calling All Trailblazers
Since their start 6 years ago, over 10,000 people have joined The Adventure Project’s movement. Together, they have created nearly 1,000 jobs and transformed over 1 million lives with clean water, health care, nutritious food, and a safer environment.

Starting this Giving Tuesday (November 29), The Adventure Project is launching a new goal of moving a million people out of poverty by 2030.

The first step is creating 1,000 jobs in the next year—this means doing what they did in their first 6 years, in 1 year.

And, that’s where they need you.

They’re calling all trailblazers, entrepreneurs, social good enthusiasts, or people who just want to make a sustainable change in our world.

For every $1,500 raised, you can create one job for a mom or dad in a developing country. They will be able to send their kids to school and care for 500 people in the community.

Join their adventure and transform lives by donating, fundraising, or purchasing gifts that keep on giving.

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