SmallBizSaturday-3Small Businesses and nonprofits are a match made in heaven. When done correctly, these strategic partnerships can create incredible value for both parties. One amazing opportunity no small business should ignore is coming up in just a few short weeks, that’s #GivingTuesday.

Taking part in Small Business Saturday can be great for your business, but adding #GivingTuesday and creating a unified campaign can be even better; increasing business results and strengthening the community at the same time.

A 2015 Cone Communications study found that 87% of consumers expect for companies to do more than just make a profit. In fact, nine-in-10 would like to see more responsible products and services offered by companies. “This presents an opportunity for companies to provide consumers with the responsible options they’ve been clamoring for…” the study concludes.

This year, when your Small Business Saturday customers arrive, give them what they’re looking for: products and services that give back. Here are three steps to making that happen.

01 | Create
Create a campaign that centers on the products and/or services you plan to offer on Small Business Saturday by determining a direct correlation to a contribution you’ll make on #GivingTuesday. [e.g. a percent of sales from SBS will be donated to your non-profit partner on #GT or for every xyz product purchased on SBS, you’ll donate $1 on #GT, etc.]
02 | Partner
Reach out to the local non-profit you wish to partner with and share your plans to support on #GivingTuesday. Be sure that the organization’s mission aligns with your brand and business objectives.

03 | Engage
Create a message around your campaign that engages your team and your customers and gets them excited to take part. Share your partnership and campaign highlights (pre-event, day of and post-event) on all relevant communication channels. Be sure to mention your customer contributions and thank everyone involved

Your customers will be thrilled for the opportunity to make a difference with their purchase and you will be able to bask in the accomplishment of doing well by doing good. Cause-partnerships have proven to be incredibly valuable for businesses and organizations alike. The value in these specific campaigns is even greater because each already has a global platform. All you have to do is combine them to unlock the potential of this perfect match.

Another great resource is the American Express Shop Small Kit here.

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