Purposity answers the question, “how do I help from home?”. This is a question being asked by many people right now since nonprofits can’t have physical volunteers and donations are dropping.

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One day it seemed okay, the next day, everything changed. The rapid shift in culture, due to the coronavirus pandemic, called for an even faster call to pause. However, needs are rising, and we need an accelerated call to action more than ever. How do we begin this mission? It all starts with a bit of generosity.

Purposity, meaning purpose + generosity, is an Atlanta-based non-profit app connecting users with one-to-one needs in their community. Now you can give to neighbors in need while social distancing. Discover how and then sign-up!

Purposity connects the critical, basic needs of people, vetted through established local nonprofits and school systems, with users who want to help through just a few clicks.

Purposity is designed to provide for local needs, so a user can plug in their zip code and see what’s affecting their neighbors.

When you open the app and scroll through, you will find a range of practical needs: everything from diapers for a special needs kid; a car seat for a single mom who needs it to bring her baby home from the hospital; a bed for a family who is sleeping on the floor. These are tangible things you can jump in the app and buy with one click and it will be shipped to them in 2 days.

Purposity gives the audience transparency on where resources are going, creating a model of philanthropy never seen before.

As of today, Purposity users located in Georgia are leading by example to help serve some of the state’s most vulnerable populations, including low-income senior citizens, survivors of sex trafficking, and families experiencing homelessness in a local shelter. The Purposity community in Georgia has also helped supply formula for a single mom who recently lost her job, unable to afford formula for her newborn. Through Purposity, she now has a month’s supply to ensure her little one stays happy and healthy. In Marietta, GA, Purposity users sent tablets to student’s homes so they can still stay connected to learning and their classmates while school is remote and online.

Let’s create more stories like this! Join Purposity and learn how you can serve the direct needs of someone in your community.

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