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You are an inspired leader inside but how to you take that vision and turn it into action? As a kundalini yoga teacher, business owner, author and social rebel, I dive deep into the secret teachings of the yogis to find the most potent meditations that can help with changing our culture and giving caring leaders the tools they need. Hence, this article is ripe for the minds of this magazine. I’m merely a link between the hours and hours of practice, studying, classes, programs and years of wisdom I’ve hounded like a detective on their case and YOU the entrepreneur, community visionary, global change agent millennial who needs energy, clarity and yes CONFIDENCE.

As millenials, we know we want to do things differently but often we come up against our own fears, our own families and our own wallets. Here are three simple meditations that can help you take action on your vision as well as get a clear idea of what is best to pursue. Oh and did I mention they are easy AF?  

The first is a sound current which the yogis call NAAD. You’ve heard of mantras before but have you experienced one that works? I have. So with the reputation of my penmanship on the line, I proudly announce that this mantra does exactly what it says it will do. Mul mantra (sometimes written as mool mantra) is said to help one get clear on their purpose and manifest the means to live that purpose. Listening to it for a minimum of 40 days for 11 times each day will change your brain so that you can perceive on a different frequency.  

The version by Gurunam Singh who has a nice deep voice, is ready for you on Spotify and in just about 8 minutes, you’ll be able to hear 11 recitations of this mantra. You don’t even have to say it, listening to it has the desired effect. When my friends won a grammy for their mantra recordings, I could tell these mantras were potent. 

The next meditation is to get your ego out of the way and they call it the ego eradicator. Again do it a minimum of 40 days for the full effect. You’ll hold your arms up to sixty degrees with your thumbs pointing straight up, your arms straight, your other finger curled into the pads of the fingers and your eyes closed. For just three minutes you’ll focus at the brow point while doing breath of fire which is a forceful exhale out of the nose and a natural inhale through the nose. The navel snaps in on each exhale and the inhale happens without effort creating a rhythmic breathing pattern.

At the end of three minutes bring the thumbs together above your head and stretch the other fingers straight up as you inhale deeply, hold the breath for a moment and then exhale bringing your arms down slowly. This melts the roadblocks that your own insecurities can create when you want to step into a leadership role. We often think we need popularity for being a leader and yet true leadership works regardless of validation. This meditation can help you get real with how you’re blocking yourself by tuning you into a frequency that is more altruistic than most of society’s normal thought patterns.

Finally is a powerful meditation to make your words powerful and make people take you seriously. This one was given to me in my first kundalini teacher training to do for 90 days and wow does it work! Everytime I proposed something, I got a yes in return and had more job offers than any other time in my life. For 31 minutes each day sit in a cross legged position and chant Nirinjan Kaur’s version of Sa Re Sa Sa which is also available on Spotify. With your arms straight resting your wrists on your knees, bring your pinky and thumb together while straightening the other three fingers on each hand. This mudra (finger position) creates specific pathways in the brain. On each syllable of the song, pull your navel in which will raise your energy to the upper chakras.  

If you’ve been reading this article and wondering if there’s any truth to it, why not try it out for yourself and see just how powerful the techniques of the ancient yogis are. There’s a reason their practices have lasted since the beginning of written history and there’s a reason they are still revered across the world for being the leaders in the frontiers of consciousness and unlocking expanded states of perception.

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