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Shannon Yrizarry found kundalini yoga in 2010 after practicing other lineages of yoga for six years. She found the practice deeply transformational for her physical and spiritual life. Having obtained an environmental studies degree she began working in the spiritual world to help people find a deeper connection to the energy connecting us all to inspire care for the environment on a spiritual level and not just an intellectual level. The methods of raising kundalini is what she feels is vital to helping the planet solve it's most pressing problems. She offers a challenging yet welcoming class to everyone of all experience levels. After teaching for 6 six years in California, she came to Portland because of a message received in meditation to start a kundalini studio. She has been a professional clairvoyant, reiki healer and tarot card reader featured on TV, in magazines as an author and writes for and
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Powerful Meditations for Leaders
5 years ago

Powerful Meditations for Leaders

You are an inspired leader inside but how to you take that vision and turn it into action? As a kundalini yoga teacher, business owner, author and social rebel, …
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