Sit or stand, lie or tell the truth, agree or disagree: the fact that we have options is more important than the elements we choose from. The ability to choose is the heart and engine of equal opportunity. Your options may seem unfavorable, but at least you can choose. Here’s the kicker about decisions: you can’t decide if you don’t’ have or don’t know you have a choice.

Living without choice is not living at all. Dying doesn’t require you to live according to someone else’s attitude, confidence, or philosophies. Choice is so prevailing since it abates the manifestation of too much dominance or influence of any establishment, superior, or clique with good intentions or bad. Too much power is dangerous regardless of who possesses it. That could be someone who doesn’t have your best interest in mind or does because people and intentions change as seasons do. When we equip ourselves with the same choices the likelihood of one establishment or person being supreme isn’t so strong; unless everyone agrees. But where in this world does everyone agree?
To take away choice is to remove one’s identity because the choices I make are a part of who I am. Through choice, we have been given a platform for our voices to be heard.

Straightforwardly, when there is lack of choice, there is also lack of individualism and uniqueness. The omission of choice forces everyone to believe along the same margin of life which can be downright dangerous if we take a look at history and current events. Our past and present tell us voiceless communities suffer extreme crimes against humanity, war, poverty, and hunger.

There are many factors in this world that seek to silence your voice by reducing your choices. But remember, you decide to give them away. Where there is lack: create for your children’s sake. Applying the gift of selection is highly esteemed.

Now that you know how important options are, and that we all have them, you should grasp an understanding of what it takes to choose wisely. Realize there is an incorrect and correct process of selection. Please be mindful, for the sake of not letting such a magnificent birthright go unused; educate yourself on all the options you have to partake in before you make a selection. The key word here is you. Use your own brain, your own eyes, your own ears, and your own heart.

Be mindful of those with authority to shape your selection pool. Please don’t send an individual out to bring back the research they collected for you to make your choice. Don’t trust anyone to gather your information. They might bring back their persuasion instead. Having a voice comes from having a choice whether you use it or not. You are obligated to the rest of us to use it wisely. Relinquishing your rights weakens us all.

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