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Jennifer Gray is a Thought Catalog and Christian Devotions Ministries published author of encouraging and thought provoking material which she transcribes in an attempt to challenge the reader to seek truth then change. She is the mother of four courageous children. Among many things, Jennifer believes, “Time is a vital asset we have been given. With it we should use our most resilient muscles: tongue and pen in order to deliver the greatest gift: truth. She finds that being among different people, challenging environments, changing cultures, and away from comfort zones provides for the healthiest research. She is above all a seeker of truth. She loves guiding others to a place where the truth is realized, and says, “There is nothing on earth more exciting than witnessing someone experiencing the truth for themselves”. She believes our society faces a huge challenge which is to unlearn, because only then can we change the way we think. Thank Goodness all things are possible.
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Never Underestimate The Power Of How You Choose
5 years ago

Never Underestimate The Power Of How You Choose

By  •  Culture, Life

Sit or stand, lie or tell the truth, agree or disagree: the fact that we have options is more important than the elements we choose from. The ability to …
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