At Conscious, we believe the future isn’t just a place you will go; it’s a place you will invent. As part of our newly launched conversation series, we talk with thought leaders on how to strengthen your impact conversation by diving into topics surrounding life, business, social good, leadership, and wellness.

Our team has been part of the most incredible, insightful, and illuminating conversations with thought leaders, non-profit founders, social enterprise owners, and advocates over the years. Their stories and experiences poured forth knowledge, passion, suffering, and strength, leaving us empowered to want to do more. It was only a matter of time we knew we had to share those conversations with you.

In our inaugural episode launch, we talked with Sam Mazzeo on the future of social impact while anchoring innovative ideas and resources to launch a new venture in a COVID-19 World.

Sam Mazzeo, Attorney, Founder of Better APC, and Conscious+ Coach, is here to teach and empower others, especially when it comes to better understanding trademark, business formation, and contracts.

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