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There are times when we all feel like our dreams may be a bit too big, our goals a little unattainable and our ambitions a bit out of reach. The fear of failure often seems to loom over good ideas like a dark cloud that always threaten us with the possibility of a failed mission or flopped idea. The doubt we face from others who wonder why we would venture into starting our own non-profit or leave the country to teach English to students in a war stricken area is ever present. To be an innovator and a creator means to know fear up close and personal. We are faced with questions like “Who are you to think you can have an impact on a community or change the way people think? Who are you to dream that you could inspire millions to end world hunger or eradicate HIV?”  But just because we are afraid doesn’t mean we can’t. This is how you overcome:

When you embark on something new people will shower you with advice, criticism and opinions. Listen to them and then decide what to do with it. Some people may be right and you can use their guidance to shape your plan. Others may be wrong – recognize this and press onward. Take advice with you everywhere you go, but never be afraid to set it down and leave it there.

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Change only comes about because someone was willing to risk failure. Someone funneled all of their resources into an idea and stood up against the naysayers and the skeptics. Going against the grain is often essential and necessary to change. Take the leap.

Everything must go through phases. Learn something new in every phase and appreciate the growing pains and growth process. Celebrate the small wins and recognize that everything is a building block for the next step.

Complete the mission. Stay focused on the end goal through vision boards, a journal or whatever will remind you of why you started. Persistence is key. If you happen to stumble and fail at one thing, don’t quit. Figure out what went wrong and adjust. Adaptability will serve you well.

We each have a unique role to play during our time on earth. Use your distinctive gifts and skills to do what you were called to do. You are qualified. You are gifted. You are capable. Don’t forget it.

Rather than feeding doubt with questions about what you are or are not capable of, ask yourself, “If I don’t dream big, then who will?” The time is now.

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