People are on a mission. They are living out their leadership. They are uplifting those around them. When hurdles come along their way, they keep building.  Conscious Magazine, Issue 02

While this issue is dedicated to LA’s conscious culture, world stories, and engaging conversations, we still wanted to go deep with every story. We wanted the stories to represent a collective vision: to see others differently – not just for their title or appearance, but for their value and worth. Why so personal? Well, when we can understand one another, listen to one another, and look past first impressions, then we can move towards a vision that looks like making a difference in our homes, communities, cities, and beyond.


I shared this vision with a dear friend of mine, Will Coles of Dance for Change, and he helped elaborate what seeing others differently really means. It means seeing their passions, loves, struggles, and dreams. It means recognizing that everyone has purpose, and that people need to feel honored and accepted.

In this issue, we highlight the stories of those who work hard to create change, and they, just like you and me, are on a journey, but they also encounter real feelings, like joy, fear, hope, loss, and more. This is evident within their stories.

This issue is also a testament of the collective vision of the writers, the photographers, and those we feature. It is with their support and commitment that the vision has turned into a reality. It has shown me that people truly do want to help.

Lastly, I want you to know that our magazine is a platform for honest storytelling and uncovering the passion, determination, and goodness that defines humanity. So, I challenge you to commit to connecting, commit to learning, commit to being more curious, and let your curiosity drive you to see all people for their value and worth.