About three months ago I dreamt up a new business idea. Internally, I recognized its importance and alignment with my goals. I let it sit untouched on the back burner for several months. I had closed the doors on it, waiting for “the right timing.” I convinced myself I wasn’t ready. I even made up a story about all the research I have yet to go through, and the training required of me before moving forward with this initiative.

Why was I not taking the necessary action to execute my new idea? Where was the resistance coming from? What was I waiting for? Then, one afternoon on my drive home, the answer came to me. For the first time in my life, I understood the unassumingly simple reason why I was holding back, like so many others do. It wasn’t because I was too busy. Neither was I lacking the resources or knowledge.

If there was one thing I lacked, it was the ability to channel my focus in the present moment. I spent too much of my time analyzing future outcomes, essentially paralyzing my mind. The more I stayed in my head, the more overwhelming the magnitude of this new idea became. This unproductive state hindered my ability to see clearly and take action.

So whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, it turns out that the key to achieving any goal is simple:

Focus your energy on taking action in the present moment.

Don’t overthink what you might have to give up, or challenges you might encounter as part of your journey. Take the smallest possible step today, and repeat tomorrow. Make a conscious decision to give 100% of your attention to smaller tasks you can achieve daily. With time, as they accumulate, you will gain more momentum and feel a sense of pride from your progress, instead of frustration from not having started at all.

As this epiphany came over me, I instantly shifted into action mode to realize my idea. It seemed almost silly to say it took months of waiting to take the first step. If there’s a lesson to be learned through my experience, know that you don’t need the time to ‘think things through, or sit on ideas. This will only do you a disservice in the long run. What you do need, however, is to ask yourself what actions can be done today to get your closer to your goal, no matter how big or small. Even if you don’t feel entirely ready, taking action will certainly propel you forward.

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