“We are vessels meant to be filled with good things and poured out for the good of others” -Joy Collins, Conscious Magazine, Issue 02

I am an Angeleno by birth but a vagabond at heart. I love God and people. I like to spontaneously break out into dance. I always crave good conversations and chocolate.

MY INSPIRATION I am inspired by others who are living out their full worth and potential. I love to see others succeed. I am surrounded by amazing and wonderful people who are in touch with their own self-worth, abilities, and purpose. This is true freedom; this is the freedom we ALL deserve.

ABOUT I work in the bustling television industry with the most brilliant and amazing people. I serve as an advocate in the fight against human trafficking, and I am helping to raise awareness for the 29 million people trapped in human slavery.

LOVE FOR LA Few things beat watching the sunset on Zuma Beach. I have to do that a lot because I stress myself out. I have to remember after 18,250 sunsets, my life will be much different, and I can breathe again. Downtown Los Angeles is a labyrinth of wonder. I love walking around for hours, meeting people, and snapping photos. When I have a bit of a sweet tooth, Alcove in Los Feliz always seems to satisfy.

ON the future of la Los Angeles is a vibrant and beautiful city, which is representative of the people within its borders. I do believe people are aware of their responsibility to create a future that is better for others. We have our ears to the ground, and we hear the children of the future calling for us to rise against injustice and stand for freedom. That is the future of the City of Angels.

ON HUMANITY We are vessels meant to be filled with good things and poured out for the good of others. Only then can we see people not just for who they are now, but for who they will be. We must value their lives and stories just as much.