Scout Mob is a  new conscious culture discovery shop site dedicated to featuring local independent makers. Scout Mob celebrates independent makers by seeking out their inspired goods and crafted experiences, providing meaningful ways for their users to connect for themselves.  I personally love the story behind the style feature.  There is something special when wearing a piece of jewelry made directly by the hands of the visionary and understanding why they created each piece. Here are six new discoveries for conscious style.


Made by Laurel Hill Jewelry
Founded by Lauren Hill
Based in Chico, CA

The story: Form and function. Those two design forces that are always at each other’s throats, like two chicks wearing the same dress at a party. Supposedly. But Laurel has parlayed her fascination with these two forces in primitive jewelry into a craft, creating truly stunning wearable art. (A craft that involves her being her own boss in her own studio, often with the Mysterious Universe podcast playing.) With elements of the cosmic, the mystical and the natural, this rustic metal jewelry proves that form and function can be perfectly in balance. As long as they don’t have the same dress on.

Made by Carrier Pigeon Jewelry
Founded by Lauren Neal
Based in Minneapolis
Every piece of Carrier Pigeon jewelry is made by hand in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

The story: A simple moment can change the course of history. And while watching a metal shop class in progress, Lauren had that moment. She decided that living life behind a desk wasn’t her thing anymore, and quit her day job just a few weeks later. She enrolled in a jewelry manufacturing program and has been happily producing environmentally-friendly and (quite often) recycled metal accessories ever since. Her work draws from an ancient process called lost-wax casting, in which a design is first carved out of wax, then molded and cast in metal. Nature is a big inspiration for Lauren’s jewelry line––it can take days or even weeks to bring out the raw, natural beauty of each design––but no matter how long the process, creating tangible things will always trump a desk job for this gal.

Made by Leigh Luna
Founded by Leigh Luna
Based in New York City 

The story: Katie just started taking classes in jewelry making after her day job in fashion design—playing off of a long-time love for jewelry and huge vintage collection. The result is a totally unique line of earthy Bohemian adornments with a twist, like textured braille messaging. Each piece starts its life as a raw sheet of metal that is hand-forged, meaning she shapes, files, sands, drills and polishes each little piece. Instead of “casting” copies, she repeats this process for each item, giving her jewelry an authentic quality.

Made by Baleen
Founded by Billy and Leah
Based in Seattle, WA

The story: Most couples come together with love and, to symbolize that, they exchange jewelry. Billy and Leah actually had the love of jewelry design separately first and then, upon meeting, found that their shared a life-long love of making things and an eye for design. And that’s what has kept them together. Well that and, you know, all that other lovely stuff. They’ve kept a realistic outlook on their accessories, in that they want to make awesome looking, high-quality pieces that are also still affordable enough that friends could realistically buy it for themselves. It can be a challenge at times… but Billy and Leah happen to think that is also the most inspiring and creative part of the whole process.

Made by Upper Metal Class
Based in Los Angeles, CA

The story: T’s slightly cheeky business name actually comes from a very serious place—her family escaped from Vietnam after the war, with her mom eventually working as a production sewer in the fashion industry before starting her own landscape design business. It was from her mom that T learned about hard work, determination—and the creativity it takes to keep your dream alive. It wasn’t until she was completely burnt out from the clothing design business that she stumbled onto jewelry making as a creative outlet—and the demand for her simple, geometric pieces far surpassed her expectations. Drawing inspiration from the strong, sleek lines and curves in buildings, imperfect yet beautiful cracks in sidewalks and the unbelievable patterns formed by nature, she creates minimalist metal adornments that have a unique, handmade touch—and, yes, a whole lot of class.

Made by Michelle Starbuck Designs
Founded by Michelle Starbuck Amos
Based in Ravenswood, Chicago  

The story: We know it too well: the heartbreak of broken vintage jewelry. But instead of keeping a trinket graveyard, Michelle started making modern creations from her broken pieces. And since she worked in a boutique at the time, she put some of them up for sale. Things took off right away – and that was 7 years ago.