HYROX is a one-day fitness competition event that takes place in large arenas. It is a combination of 8 x 1k runs and 8 functional fitness exercises. Each competitor or 2-person team has his/her personal completion time, of an average 90 minutes, to compare to everyone else around the world and improve upon in subsequent events similar to a runner in a marathon. We promise:

“HYROX – Fitness for Every Body”.

Here is why:

01 | The Required Movement Patterns can Really be Mastered by Everyone
All our exercises are based on natural movement patterns we inherit by birth. Even as children, we lift, push, or carry things. We can kneel down, and we can jump. At our competitions, we regularly see the little kids brought by our athletes, and our spectators imitate the HYROX exercises. Rope climbs, monkey bars, Olympic lifts, or other exercises that require extensive technical are not a part of the HYROX events. This means that we have a completion rate of 98%.

02 | HYROX Brings People of All Kinds Together
Almost every person who plays sports, likes to run, or likes to work out in a gym is indirectly preparing for HYROX because HYROX is a combination of running and fitness exercises. We have athletes of all ages ranging from 16 to over 70. We have people with varying physical conditions and training backgrounds as well, with a breakdown of 40% female and 60% male.

03 | HYROX is the Perfect Combination of Strength and Endurance
The combination of 8 x 1k runs, and 8 functional fitness exercises bring together strength and strength/endurance training, which optimizes the use of almost all major muscle groups. Through HYROX training and at a HYROX competition, both novice and experienced athletes can push their individual limits and unlock their full physical potential at the same time.

04 | HYROX Finally Sets a Goal for All Fitness Levels
The majority of gym-goers find it challenging to set the proper goals or find a purpose for their regular training. Some seek balance from their job; some want to lose weight, and others want to look better or finally get that six-pack yet these end goals can be fleeting and lack a clear process. HYROX can change this, and many of our athletes say,

“Now my training finally has a goal.”

05 | There is No Comparable Format
HYROX fills a significant gap in the fitness/wellness marketplace. More than 50% of the western world’s population calls fitness their sport of choice yet there was no event or competition readily available or attainable for the majority of this group.

Obstacle races? Many of our athletes also participate in these entertaining, outdoor events. It is fun to crawl through a ditch with water or run through mud, but how do you train for these events or establish rankings and event consistency? HYROX demands fitness attributes from the athletes that they can train regularly in their gym, and each HYROX competition around the world is standardized and timed.

CrossFit? CrossFit is also a fantastic sport. But even among the members of a CrossFit box, only a very few can participate in RX CrossFit competitions. The requirements are much more complicated and complex. The combination of gymnastics and Olympic lifts at high such high intensity is very demanding and therefore reserved for only a few.

06 | HYROX Demands What Millions of Athletes Train in the Gym Every Day
There is a global trend toward functional fitness training. Many gyms are reducing the amount of large one-exercise machines and turning the focus towards functional movement training. This includes Push and Pull, Wall Balls, Burpee Broad Jumps, Farmers Carry, and Sandbag Lunges, which are all exercises that are familiar to almost every athlete now.

07 | HYROX Combines Novice and Experienced Athletes in the Same Competition
The attraction for many athletes to run a marathon at least once in a lifetime, to participate in an Iron Man event or an Olympic Triathlon format is based on one fact: participants want to complete the same course as world-class athletes complete on the same day. The attraction is the same case with HYROX, but we add a twist. At all HYROX events, everyone competes on the same course, on the same day, but the amateurs start first, and the elite athletes close out the competition. At HYROX you will also find professional athletes from different sports competing next to each other. We have had top 20 CrossFit Games athletes, Olympic athletes, marathon runners, and triathletes compete at our events.

08 | HYROX is Inspiring and Addictive
Following our first test event in Hamburg, Germany in November 2017, 99% of the participants said: “We’ll be back” and 98% of all participants said: “Next time we will bring friends and/or family members.”

We tripled the number of participants at our second event in Hamburg in October 2018. In total, more than 10,000 people participated across 9 competitions in the first HYROX season, and more than 30,000 came to watch and cheer on the athletes. One man and one woman participated in all 9 HYROX competitions.

Now let us ask you a question! Are you HYROX enough?