Photo by Helena Bakota

Curated by Melissa Wong of House of Gratia et Caritas (House of G&C Store in Los Angeles)

Shopping for the holidays might not be at the top of everyone’s to do list, but this year it can certainly be one of the easiest things to do. Whether you are an online shopper or prefer to shop in person, shopping for conscious gifts should be fun, easy to do, and rewarding for both the “gifter” and the recipient. Here are some simple ways to shop brands that give back in a variety of ways.

01 | Shop for something Artisan-Made

Giving Style:

  • Empowers local or global artisans through fair trade practices while also creating opportunities for education and financial planning
  • Uses recycled or upcycled materials, natural materials vs. man made

Good for: Bohemian fashionista friend, artsy bookworm, or your world traveler friend


02 | Shop for something that directly supports a Non-profit Organization

Giving Style:

  • Supports NFP/ charity organization- donates 100% or a portion of each purchase to selected NFP or company as a whole donates % of proceeds to NFP/charity organization
  • Utilizes an activity that can be shared by a group (such as a fundraising opportunity)

Good for: Generous friend, the “angel” who is always giving their time and support to those in need:

03 | Shop for something local (on your block, in your neighborhood, or in your city)

Giving Style:

  • Supports local community. Can be a local DJ, local artist or local business. Most locals always have a “give back” event, art opening, or new product launch that donates a portion back to a local charity or non-profit, or raises funds for a personal cause in the community. Conscious shopping can simply include being more involved in your community- to know where you products come from and also get to know your local artist

Good for: Jet-setters, party goers, Yelp experts, the friend who “Knows all the best spots around town”

04 | Shop Social Enterprise

Giving Style:

  • Social enterprise- shop a for-profit business with the key objectives to empower/give to back/community
  • Be a part of a movement that invests back into in the business’s social objectives or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to deliver profit solely to shareholders and owners

Good for: Your workaholic friend who loves the arts but never has the time in their schedule to enjoy it. Getting them a gift from a social enterprise company not only makes them feel good, but can give them the opportunity to “give back” without lifting a finger

Conscious gifting for the holidays is a great way to get inspired and to start the New Year off right! For more House of G&C recommendations, visit the NEW shop, House of G&C Store- a new social enterprise pop-up boutique in Los Angeles, located in Larchmont Village.

Gifting concierge appointments are complimentary, and for vendors and non-profit partnerships, pop-up opportunities are still available for Holiday 2018-Spring 2019. Please visit: or follow the store on social media: Instagram and Facebook: @houseofgandc for weekly hours and special events. Los Angeles store: 564 N. Larchmont Blvd, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA, 90004. Contact: 323-809-9163 or for more information.

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