This Spring THR3EFOLD and Conscious Magazine joined with Bond Collective in their beautiful industrial venue, The Mezannine in New York City’s Financial District, to celebrate a movement that is changing the world. Fashion Revolution Day. The day created by Fashion Revolution Organization in honor of the Rana Plaza Tragedy of 2013 has now become the fulcrum of the ethical fashion conversation changing the industry for good.

Attendees gathered with eager anticipation as Rachael Baxter and Elena Baxter, founders of Conscious Magazine, kicked off the evening with an inspired panel discussion on where we’ve come as an industry since Rana Plaza and the strides we still need to make to see a completely ethical fashion industry. Panelists comprised of Head Designer of behno, Ashley Austin, Co-Founder of Half United, Carmin Black, Editor in Chief of EcoCult, Alden Wicker, and myself, Jessica Kelly, Founder of THR3EFOLD.

The well-rounded discussion covered everything from social enterprise models such as one-for-one giving to focused economic development through employment and sourcing. Then the leading women broke down ethical certifications, clarified ethical versus sustainable fashion, and finally drove home some ways that all of us can easily be more conscious consumers in our everyday lives.

When the panel broke, the room buzzed with inspired energy as intrigued attendees shopped the 17 brands and organizations in the ethical pop-up shop, asking questions about their ethical and environmental practices, learning what textiles they used and why they were far superior to their fast fashion polyester alternatives, and taking a few turns in the #whomademyclothes photo booth by Photobarr. Fueled by the sustainable sips of Ripe Life Wines, SOTO Sake, and Harmless Harvest, the networking of such a passionate like-minded community released every attendee that night onto the streets of Manhattan with a renewed vigor to change the world.

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without the gorgeous fashion of the participating brands in the ethical pop-up shop. Here’s some of my favorites:

Saint James
Forget the ethically made trend of the last 4 years, this brand has been woke since 1850. No joke. Saint James is the actual originator of the nautical breton stripe we all know and love today. Made entirely in Normandy, France since it’s inception with the highest quality fabrics and practices. #hamptonsready

Soko Jewelry
This brand pulls out the stops with innovation. Utilizing mobile technology they is spearheading “ethical fast fashion” by connecting artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya directly with your orders to quickly deliver on-demand ethically made jewelry to your door. Not to mention the fact that their model creates margin to pay these gifted craftsmen more than 12 times the industry standard pay.

Each brand brought a beautiful collection and inspired story to the evening, please take some time to shop them and find your new favorite:

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