As I came into this world, nobody ever said ‘life would be perfect”.

Nobody ever said that we would all be the same shape, or the same size, and that we would all be born on exact days.

I was born 3 pounds and 3 months early. One would call that “premature”Are we just born and then we start off with life and just live it?

I had open heart surgery at age six from being born with a hole in my heart. Nobody said that we just go through a struggle, and never have another struggle again.

I had orthopedic surgery at age seven after my open heart surgery, because I couldn’t walk like everybody else could, I kept falling down, since I was premature.

Do we just automatically go on with our lives after such struggle?
It took me months to recover, but I got back up and lived life as one would call a ‘normal’ life.

Nobody ever said this is the end, you can’t go further.

Even though I am different then others, I still had the courage to be in the running for Miss California 2013, work in the entertainment industry with A list names, one who considered me, such an inspiration that I am ‘different’, and I even write my own blog, “Chiffon Souffle”, with over 195,000 views.

I am different. I do walk with a limp. But I am proud of it, and I choose to embrace it in
every way. You were brought in this world for a reason, so make sure you shine every day that you can.

Nobody ever said perfect was perfect. Different is perfect. I am different.