I bet when you considered starting your dream that your heart skipped a beat or you took a giant gulp in anticipation of everything that goes along with commencing the journey to make your dreams a reality. I completely understand the feeling. Starting your dream is in some ways like having a baby. You are completely enamored, yet you know that with it will come overwhelming challenges and obstacles. It will change your life, consume you, motivate you, inspire you, wear you down, stress you out and fulfill you in ways you could never have imagined.

There is a heaviness when you’ve finally decided that you’re going to pursue your dreams, but I am here to help you make it feel as light as a feather. As a brand strategist, I have worked with over a handful of entrepreneurs who have put their babies in my hands to help them grow and achieve their potential.

Before you begin, I would advise you to ask yourself some questions. What are your motivating factors for creating this dream? You need to be sure that what you are about to create is something you ultimately stand behind. Are you willing to fight for your dream? You need to be 100% certain that you feel aligned with its purpose.

Are you willing to fight for your dream? You need to be 100% certain that you feel aligned with its purpose.

Some of you may have a dream “blueprint” mapped out in your head while many of you are completely clueless on where to begin. In either case, the important thing is that you are aware of what it is that you want. If your dream feels a bit foggy and you need some help with the details, ask yourself what ideas and values identify with you. Knowing this will bring clarity, whether you’ve got the blueprint or not. The important thing is to stay present. Don’t analyze or worry, you will feel it in your heart and more importantly, in your gut.

Once you feel you have complete focus and clarity, write down your dream with all of the details and factors that you will not compromise. Example: “My dream is to road trip across the U.S.A. while making money.”

Now, here comes the work. Create a plan that includes daily, weekly, and monthly goals and objectives for you to reach. It doesn’t have to be strict or detailed, but there has to be some organization and flow that is easy for you to follow and complete. Example: Open a bank account for your trip, get a map, decide on where you want to stop, determine how much each place will cost you to stay, identify the ways you can make money while traveling. Remember to be patient with yourself and celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

Take note of the goals that are moving along easily and the ones that are harder to reach. Realize where your efforts are moving mountains and where they are moving molehills. When we take note of what is working, we can learn how to reproduce a favorable outcome when applied to different challenges.

Ask others for help and open yourself up to solutions that never crossed your mind. Align yourself with people that are doing it or have done something similar to what you are doing. Remember that old coworker whose Facebook feed is her traveling the world? Ask her to grab a coffee when she is in town or a send a message asking how she got started.

Starting your dreams is no easy task, and it will be a rollercoaster ride along the way. The things to remember are to stay clear, focused, diligent, open and ready to receive. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is allow life to surprise you. There are so many ways to accomplish one thing so don’t shut yourself off from creative solutions. As the saying goes, “Follow your dreams, and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Feel free to join me as I follow my dreams of becoming location independent at freedomsummit.online. I wish you all the best on starting your dream.

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