It has been said that our generation is one of selfishness and individualism. The argument can certainly be made that in many ways our culture is a culture of vanity, a culture of narcissism and a culture of greed. Society is starting to get fundamentally bored with and irked by these concepts. Individuals are beginning to rise one at a time, inventing new ways to turn against this way of thinking, to fight this argument with new thoughts of life changing generosity, kindness and ambition. Evie Phillips, CEO and founder of Cultures of Love, is one of these incredible young minds driven by her desire for success and love for people. The common belief is that success and helping people do not go hand in hand; that if you are going to be successful you need to look out for “number 1” and while striving for success who has time to help others? Evie is proving to society that this belief is simply not true, that you do not have to choose between having success, living your dream and being able to help others. She wants both and is not willing to sacrifice one for the other and she insists she does not have to.

Cultures of love is a clothing brand and in Evie’s words, “Cultures of Love is a for profit eCommerce that represents established and emerging designers, donating 10% of profits to charity and making 5 promises to our consumers.” The five promises are:  Made in the USA, Fair Trade, Eco Friendly, Making Charitable Contributions, Buy 1 Give 1. All products purchased by Cultures of Love guarantee each customer at least one of these five promises and often more than one. The official party and website launch for Cultures of Love happened on July 25th 2013 in NYC, and you can read about it here. At the event Cultures of Love one of a kind socially conscious film will premiered, and you can watch it here. The film was done to show people what Cultures of Love is all about and who their customer truly is. The film is a creative and tangible way to show the day in the life of the Cultures of Love customer, they are a special and socially conscious kind of person. Conscious Magazine is featured in the film as the customer’s choice of inspirational reading material, everything in the film right down to the models makeup and undergarments are socially conscious in one way or another. Cultures of Love is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle as well as an inspiration for young people who long to be in the fashion industry. As well as people who are looking to give back, to be a part of this new way of thinking, this new way of living, this is Culture of Love.

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