The human spirit, while resilient, is fragile. Not only are our bodies susceptible to harm, but our minds, the very instrument that produces creativity, ideas, and connection, is also at the mercy of danger. As a culture, have we explored the multifaceted dimensions of mental health? Scientists have their research, but can we talk about it without feeling ashamed or uneasy? The common cold, a broken bone, and even cancer have all found a place in ‘normal’ conversations. But, what about the health of the mind? Why have we been so afraid to discuss, share or recognize that sickness and brokenness do not stop at the mechanics of the brain? Is it too much to acknowledge that stress and anxiety are as damaging as a disease, or even a gateway to illness? What about the realization that suffering and pain can just as well be rooted in trauma and crisis as it is in physical health? How about that our heads are only separated from our hearts by inches?  It is all connected.

The release of Conscious Issue 06 is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness with a commitment to drawing out the stigma that traps it, and to replace it with compassion, understanding, and hope. As you explore the powerful stories throughout the pages, we encourage you to think deeply about the struggles that mental illness can bring to any individual, their family, and even society. In return, we hope that perhaps these newfound perspectives inspire you to join forces as a community to stand in the gap, so that we, together, may rewrite the narrative.

We are grateful to the writers and collaborators who worked on this edition and have either shared their knowledge with us or unveiled an intimate look into their own history from organizations such as I’ll Go First, To Write Love On Her Arms, Young Minds Advocacy, Whatever It Takes, and many more.

With so many powerful voices behind this edition, ultimately we are trying to encourage people to tell their story as “the most beautiful people are those who have known defeat and suffering and have found their way out of the depths.”

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