Conscious Magazine celebrated the release of Issue 05 alongside New York City’s social good community at Birch Coffee’s flagship location on 27th and Madison Avenue. Created to be intimate, the event’s purpose was to ignite conversations around the latest edition themed: Global Goals. As the Conscious Founders shared in their welcoming speech, “This edition was inspired by the UN Foundation’s aspirational mission to transform our world through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, and that is because it came with a promise—a promise to save millions by ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, addressing climate change and more, by the year 2030.”

The evening was made possible thanks to Birch Coffee and its founder, Jeremy Lyman. Hosting the Issue 05 Release Party at Birch was the perfect collaboration, as both Conscious and Birch have similar missions with Birch’s being: “To cultivate an environment of ideal-seeking. Give back to and service the community.”

We couldn’t be happier to invite the Conscious community of change-makers, innovators, social entrepreneurs and the like to do just that—share ideas, build relationships, encourage understanding, learn more by asking questions, and focus forward in unity—all in a space that encourages goodwill, closeness, and community.

You can see all of the exciting moments from the release party here!

But beyond the company itself, Birch Coffee Founder, Jeremy Lyman, expressed his own sentiments on the partnership: “I can’t remember a point in my lifetime where there has been as much divisiveness as there is in the world right now. It is 2017. Not only is there a looming cloud of uncertainty, but we’re all constantly inundated with information, and it becomes so overwhelming that it starts to become difficult to decipher fact from fiction. I was truly delighted to see that an entire edition was dedicated to 17 sustainable goals, that if we all do our part or even part of a part, can be achieved sooner than we all think. It is more important now that it has ever been before to support those that dedicate their time, energy, capital, and resources on not only speaking the truth but standing up for it. This is why Birch Coffee is proud to partner up and collaborate with Conscious Magazine.”

Conscious Magazine stands on the foundation of pursuing purposeful conversations driven by a united and strong community. If this is something you would like to achieve with us, we invite you to become a bigger part of Conscious Magazine by becoming a Member. Read more about joining here, as there are many ways to connect, exchange ideas, and build things together.

Thank you to all of our esteemed guests. Our favorite part of the evening was getting to know you!

—Team C.