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Sometimes as we venture through this thing called life, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, the struggle of relationships, and the insecurity of whether or not we are doing things right. We forget about all the good this life has to offer, we forget about all the beauty in its people, in its places, and in its adventures. Most of all, we forget that beauty is not physical, but, in fact, it is becoming aware of the dignity that each one of us holds as humans.

Marisol, the creator of BeautyFound shared her story of how she became  involved in spreading love and compassion through charity to those who need it most.

I remember being about 10 years old and witnessing the destruction left behind by an earthquake in my city. While our family was not at all affected by it, I remember feeling great compassion for everyone that was, and wanting to do something big to help others. Since then, life has presented numerous opportunities for me to do works of charity; especially those that go beyond material help, by providing also emotional support and human compassion; the kind that restores someone’s dignity. 

I have been through several losses and suffering in my own life, and despite the grief, I have learned to find growth and meaning within each experience. I have met wonderful people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, and I have learned to look at each and every one of them passed their titles, or denominations. I have learned to see myself face to face with other human beings, with as much capacity for love as myself.”

A few years ago Marisol got involved with Event Design and Styling. She had the opportunity to fill a space with intricate details that reflected and celebrated beauty. She worked with wonderful people and companies; but in the middle of great success, she knew that she needed to go deeper.

She decided to begin a project that merged aesthetics and humanities in order to tell a more conscious story; a story that celebrated beauty within its purest and truest definition. She wanted to create a story where everyone would be able to find meaning and beauty in every person and circumstance.

Through this idea and project emanated BeautyFound. What started mainly as a blog is developing in the background as a future movement or foundation that promotes tools and values necessary to accomplish the possibility of living a beautiful life.

Beautyfound extends an invitation to find beauty; both within and outside ourselves, mainly by becoming aware of the dignity that each of us holds as humans. They wish to go deeper and ask questions that give meaning to every life circumstance, enabling growth; both on a personal, and community levels. Through writings in the area of humanities; literature, philosophy, religion and the visual arts, Beautyfound looks to inspire beautiful lives that reflect love and compassion across places and cultures.

“Every human being is receptive to what is true, good, and beautiful. We can find pieces of these on a daily basis and improve the quality of our life. We can learn to view life from the perspective of our interior freedom; rather than from the factors which cannot be controlled. The latter does not promote a passive attitude, but on the contrary, it elevates the spirit to the extent that we let go of anything fearful or useless and concentrate in all that is loving and wonderful.”

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