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I am an active attorney, artist, speaker, entrepreneur, father and creative builder. Out of college I began working at an environmental company getting my feet wet in the corporate world while attending law school at night. By the late 90's I was the senior manager of a busy law firm in Connecticut and won a career case 3 years out of law school. In 2000, given a new opportunity, I started a construction company providing high-end residential and commercial building. In 2010, I reinvented my life again into a professional artist and entrepreneur marketing a new socially conscious product line and providing talks and workshops on mindfulness. In addition, I maintain a mindful law practice and provide construction consulting and management services. Throughout my professions I raised two children to healthy, successful and conscious adults. My education, experience and years of observing life from a consciousness perspective has allowed me to create a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. My purpose is to help people find theirs.
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Family: A Conscious Perspective Of Child Custody
6 years ago

Family: A Conscious Perspective Of Child Custody

There is no greater issue in a divorce case than child custody. Sole custody, joint custody, shared custody, split custody, are all labels created by our system to help define …
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