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CONTRIBUTOR. Jessica La-Rotta is a young female Entrepreneur, philanthropist, blogger, motivator, connector, and lover of life. Her love for helping others and being socially involved and active started at a young age. As a child she took up everything from gymnastics, cheering, basketball, volleyball, making jewelry, planning parties and everything in between. Her passion for being socially involved, helping others and planning events started back in 2007. Since then she has worked with many wonderful people including celebrities such as Madonna, Fat Joe and Jim Jones to create fabulous events. She started stylEast Group as a way to provide clients a one-stop shop for all their event planning and styling needs. Currently, she not only works on building her brand but also has a very active blog called On the LookOut NYC. In addition, she has used her event planning expertise and love for philanthropy work to start a community organization called The Socially Involved, where she works with Not for Profits by helping them raise money and awareness and connecting them with the socially involved.
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Dress for Success.  Something to Share
11 years ago

Dress for Success. Something to Share

NEW YORK CITY – April 11, 2013 – With over 4,000 in attendance, the charity gala began with a cocktail reception where attendees could sip, mix and …
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