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Jade Shaver is a hopeful and young entrepreneur at the age of fifteen. She was born in Austin, Texas, and moved to a small village in England at the age of eleven. She has since moved back to Austin a few months ago with new experiences, thoughts, and advice to give. She has overcome self-confidence issues and learned to express individuality in a short amount of time and now wishes to share this and inspire other girls her age, making an impact and supporting her generation future female leaders. As freshman, Jade is a part of student council, her school theater group, and goes to a separate organization called WIT in order to learn about entrepreneurial skills and leadership. She welcomes all opportunities to help her community and is very excited to spread her message with Conscious Magazine.
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Overcoming Self-doubt With These 6 Life Enriching Ideas
5 years ago

Overcoming Self-doubt With These 6 Life Enriching Ideas

After a transcontinental move back to the land of the free, I was astonished, to say the least. I had lived in Texas all my life, but a few years …
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